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My Miniature Process Part 1

I’m likely among many others who find they have a lot of extra time for hobbies right now. Before this pandemic, I was spending 75% of my home time designing and making things.

Now as I mostly work from home, I can use some of the extra time into blogging about my hobby work.

This project, which I will not give a name for just yet, began about two months ago. I started designing it with CAD software (I use Fusion 360). That took about five weeks working on it whenever I could fit in a few minutes of design work. After another full week of work preparing the plans with a CAM program (VCarve Desktop), I prepared about 10 slices in various thicknesses from 2″x2″x18″ pieces of Jobillo. I was ready to start cutting parts.

After 10 hours in the shop, I created about 110 of the 175 or so parts I need to build this: