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My Workshop

In this post I’ll show off my workshop. It’s been in development for many years and I’m quite proud of it.

When I first moved to our current house we actually used our garage for cars for a while. An average car can fit in there with some room to spare. At the time I had only a few “miniature” benchtop power tools and set them up a workbench on the side. Then after acquiring a couple larger freestanding power tools the cars were banished for good.

Here’s what I had back in 2007, the first time I took pictures of the shop:


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I had a lathe, planer, table saw, band saw, a couple of drill presses, bench sander, miter saw, and jointer. Except for the lathe, everything was Craftsman. Many of those have since been replaced with better tools. Back in February of 2018 I had an incident that resulted in some changes. A couple of days after I had cleared the driveway of a heavy snow, I went into the garage and found this:


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I went in through the side door to find half of the garage trashed. At first I didn’t know what to think, but I eventually realized that some animal had been in there and made the mess. Hundreds of parts and pieces of wood were strewn all over the place. At the time I thought the animal had somehow broken in, but the only holes I found were apparent attempts for it to get out. Although I couldn’t locate it, I thought it might still be in there, so I sprinkled talcum powder around the door area and left it open for a couple hours. When I checked again later I found tracks and knew for sure it had been a raccoon. Unfortunately the raccoon had not escaped. It’s mate, which had probably been hanging around for a couple of days had gotten in! This time I found them up in the rafters and after opening the garage door chased them out. Later I realized the raccoon must have gotten in the garage during the time the door was left open when I was snow blowing two days earlier.

This incident prompted me to do a lot of cleaning and reorganizing. I threw out an ugly storage cabinet that had come with the house and I bought some new shelving units to better organize the wood and parts.

As I have written about elsewhere I started out making custom cribbage boards with exotic woods and then got into CNC routing, which prioritized the development of the shop going forward. The garage is quite crowded with tools now, and I have to wind my way around like in a maze. But you learn to duck your head and avoid bumping knees and elbows. It’s a good thing I’m only 5’4″.

Here is the current configuration of the shop:

From the Outside

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Here's the portal to my woodworking den.